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სამების საკათედრო ტაძარი

The Bagrati Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God (X-XI) - Bagrati Cathedral had been built by the first king of the unified Georgia - Bagrat III. It is situated in the city of Kutaisi. The temple is the symbol of the unified Georgia. There is remained the oldest example of the use of Arabic numerals. There was remained a depiction of the Mother of God on the south gate of Bagrati Cathedral. In 2012 the Cathedral of Bagrati was restored upon the blessing from the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II. Bagrati Cathedral has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.                  More ...

სიონის ტაძარი

Gelati Monastic Complex (XII) - The Monastery of Gelati that had been built by David the Builder in 1106, is situated in the north-east 11 km distant from Kutaisi. According to the chronicle, Tamar of Georgia is buried in Gelati Monastery. According to the last will and testament of David the Builder, he is buried at the entrance of the temple. There are buried many kings: in Gelati Monastery: Demetrius I of Georgia, George III of Georgia, Bagrat III, George II, George VI, Alexander V, Solomon I and so on. The frescoes are mainly of the late period. The temple is active now. Gelati Monastery Complex is subordinated to Kutais-Gaenati Eparchy.                                                          

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ანჩისხატის ეკლესია

The Monastic Complex of Katskhi Pillar (VI - XIII) - There is no knowing about bulding details of Katskhi Pillar. The complex is situated in the village of Katskhi 11 km distant from Chiatura. The complex consists of the following monuments: the pillar, a crypt, the leaving of a church above the pillar, tomb, three cells, a wine cellar, a curtain wall. At the base of the pillar are the newly built church of Simeon Stylites and ruins of an old wall and belfry. At the bottom of the pillar there is a cross in relief dated no more than the VI century. It is not allowed to ascend the pillar for outliers. The Monastic Complex of Katskhi Pillar is subordinated to Chiatura and Sachkhere Eparchy.

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მეტეხის ეკლესია

Mgvimevi Orthodox Monastery (XIII) - Mgvimevi Orthodox Monastery is situated in Chiatura Municipality, near the village of Mgvimevi. The monastery comples consists of many buildings. The main temple is named after the Saviour. At the entrance of the cave there is a little church on one side. It is a monument of the VI century named after St. Catherine. The tunnel holed factitiously has the depth of 35 m. It is possible to enter the main cave via this tunnel. The monastery was called “Mgvimevi” exactly because of this cave. There are remained frescoes in the temple. It’s an active nunnery now. The temple is subordinated to Chiatura and Sachkhere Eparchy.

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ნარიყალას ეკლესია
Motsameta Monastery of David and Constantine (XI) - The history of foundation of Motsameta is related to the name of the princes of Argveti – David and Constantine Mkheidze. The temple is situated in Imereti region, in the village of Motsameta. On the left-hand of the chancel there lie the bones of saints dedicated to their homeland and belief – David and Constantine Mkheidze. It is said that the monastery had been built exactly at that place where David and Constantine had been martyrized. It is an active friary now. Motsameta Monastery is subordinated to Kutais-Gaenati Eparchy.
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ნარიყალას ეკლესია

The Fortress of Shorapani (the fisrt century BC – the first century A.D.) - On the authority of Leonti Mroveli the fortress ad been built at the beginning of the 3rd century by Pharnavaz I, the king of Kartli. It is situated in the west Georgia, on the current territory of the small town of Shorapani. Shirapani had been a castle. At the same time it had been a point, where the navigable route had been finishing and the overland route had been beginning. It had been providing the traders and passengers with food, land-carriages, forges, markets and so on. There was found local or foreign glass-ware, iron stuff. There are found the Colchian amphorae and the other wares, among them are the remains of foreign black glazed pottery, that proves the existence of the highway.

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